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Monthly Archives: March 2014


When in Paris, follow the French!!

Ah..Model Rooms--exciting glimpses of a designer's vision.  A chance to test new vendors.  A time to meet clients and other team members.  Opportunity to visit new locations around the world. And occasions fraught with terror for procurement agents! For some years, back in the early 90's, ADM maintained an office in Paris.  We had been [...]

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Vestiges of Camelot

Wrong airport (came into Reagan instead of Dulles). Nasty competitive traffic all around Washington and some 25+ miles on the 4-lane highway which leads west to Loudon County and Middleburg, Virginia--my destination today. I am totally stressed and not loving this trip! But, slowly, the hectic traffic of US-50 dwindles into a picturesque two-lane country [...]

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On being politically correct, and Asian tranquility

I  awoke this morning from an anxiety dream.  The problem, you see,  is the word "oriental."  My husband and step-daughter, both pillars of politically correct behavior, have informed me that I must never any longer refer to people of Asian descent as "oriental."  No, no, NO--people of Chinese, Japanese, Laotian,  Vietnamese heritage will be extremely [...]

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