aboutusA.D.M. Associates, Inc. a privately-owned interior contracting and FF&E purchasing management company, was incorporated in l975, and has been in continuous operation in our Atlanta-based offices ever since. The firm has been ranked, by several major trade publications, as one of the “Top Ten” independent US purchasing companies for a number of years now, and we are known for our dedication to our clients, absolute integrity in managing financial assets, and ability to deliver high quality interiors and operating equipment which are not only installed on schedule, but also true to the designer’s intent and within (and often under) the target budget.

Very few of our competitors can boast the length of service in the industry or depth of knowledge that ADM offers. In addition, since we have no affiliation to any parent company (interior design, management, architectural, or manufacturing entity), our first loyalty is always to our customer. Due to our purchasing volume (well over $25 million US each year), and hands-on attention to each detail, ADM regularly saves clients hundreds of thousands of dollars on each project we manage.

Although ADM has been in business for more than 35 years, we still are eager for the challenge each new project brings. However, we firmly believe that nothing is as important as daily “hands on” attention to the myriad details associated with fine hospitality interiors, and are committed to carefully balancing our work load and staff availability. In this regard, we are perhaps singular amongst our competitors in that ADM often turns down new business which might diminish staff attention to existing in-house projects.

ADM continually endeavors to further enhance our already fine reputation, and we are proud to list many satisfied customers, including (to name just a few), Ritz Carlton , Mandarian Oriental, IHG, Hilton,  and independent operators such as Sea Pines Corporation, The Sanctuary at Kiawah Resort,  The Salamander Resort and Spa and Emory Conference Center.

While ADM is most well-known for implementing luxury interiors, we are flexible enough to tailor our abilities to deliver successful projects in every market segment.

Perhaps one of the best indications of ADM’s absolute integrity and fine professional reputation is the fact that we are still working for many of the same clients who were our first customers more than 35 years ago.